The Plymouth solicitors offering friendly support to clients across the South Hams

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The Plymouth solicitors offering friendly support to clients across the South Hams

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Nash & Co. Solicitors LLP have been around since 1926, offering a reassuring presence, help and advice to those in Plymouth and beyond when it comes to family matters and business practicalities. Here, they explain where they came from and how they’re here to help individuals across the South Hams…

What’s the background to Nash & Co. Solicitors?

It’s been going since 1926 and it’s gone through various different names, but ‘Nash' has always been involved somewhere. He was one of the founding partners, although no one here by that name now, it’s nice to retain that sense of our history. We sit in a big old mansion house in Plymouth that dates back to the 1700s and the first people to live here were solicitors as well, so there’s a nice sense of continuity. It then became a museum for a while, then a hospital and then we moved in, in 1982. We’re very lucky, it’s a beautiful building and very central; just two minutes’ walk from Drake’s Circus and very close to the city centre with lots of space, so clients don’t need to pay for parking when they visit.

What area of law do you focus on?

It’s really a 50/50 split between personal work and commercial law. On the personal side, that includes things like wills, trusts, probate, family relationships, conveyancing, personal injury and supporting vulnerable clients such as people with life limiting illnesses like dementia. Then on the commercial side we have a couple of fantastic teams who work in employment, commercial & commercial property and commercial dispute resolution.

Have you always operated in the South Hams area?

We’ve always been based in Plymouth, and we have always had just the one office. In the last five years we’ve done a lot more work in the South Hams specifically, which has been wonderful. We support a lot of local events and many of our lawyers live in the South Hams, so we’re really keen to continue supporting more people in that area.

What are people surprised about?

They don’t tend to be surprised about what we do, because the law is the law, but the thing that sets us apart is the focus on client service and client experience. We put huge emphasis on that, trying to make clients lives as easy as possible.

For example, we invest in technologies to enable clients to do a lot of things at a distance, so you don’t have to come into the office all the time. That’s especially helpful with conveyancing, and we have just released a mobile app for that so you can do everything on there. It means you can get to completion on your house about three weeks faster than you would normally because all the forms that would take a week to send out and back and so forth get done in 24 hours over the phone. Clients love it; they can still talk to us and come in if they want to, but they don’t have to.

Essentially, we always try to think about how we can make clients lives better - whether it’s through technology or how we treat people. We have the highest average score and the highest number of reviews on Google of any other law firm in Devon and Cornwall.
So you can really see what people think of us. Certainly in terms of personal work that we do, people tend to look around and want to get the best lawyer they can, so they can see from reviews that the service we give people is great.

On the other hand, if you’ve never been into a law firm before, it can be quite intimidating and when you drive up here it’s quite a big, imposing building. We understand that can be a bit daunting, so we always try to make it clear that our lawyers are real people. They don’t sit behind big oak desks with law books behind them. It’s all about being really good at what we do and really helpful to people when they need us the most. We’re also very pragmatic; Rather than simply telling clients the law, we give them all the facts together with practical solutions that they can implement.

What developments are you looking forward to this year?

We do a lot in the community. We spend a lot of time, effort and money supporting groups and charities in the area. We sponsor the Great South West Sportive, one of the area’s biggest bike events. We also are headline sponsors of the Midnight Walk in aid of St Luke’s Hospice, and help many other charities and community organisations throughout the year. We also help a lot of other smaller charities and community groups, so that will continue this year. In terms of the business we’re still growing, so we’re still recruiting lawyers in different parts of the firm. We’re really pleased with where we are, but there’s so much more that we want to do and we want the best people to do that.


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