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When your trailer or horsebox needs someone who really knows their stuff, look no further than Collaton Trailers

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When your trailer or horsebox needs someone who really knows their stuff, look no further than Collaton Trailers

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When your trailer or horsebox needs someone who really knows their stuff, look no further than Collaton Trailers. 

Don Bashford started Collaton Trailers after taking early retirement from his career in the Offshore Industry in deepwater exploration, focusing on hydraulics, mechanics, Blowout prevention, so he really does know his stuff!

Don served his time as a Marine Engineer, moving into the Deepwater drilling business and focusing on Mechanical and hydraulic operations on Rig Offshore systems and eventually taking over the role as Senior Sub Sea Engineer in charge of the BOP (Blow Out preventers) which weighed an average of 300 Tons and work in extreme water depths up and beyond 10,000 ft. 

Don's personal water depth record landing the BOP is 9,313 ft. He then went on to be a Rig Manager for four years, finished up teaching the teams at Transocean how to save millions of dollars in lost revenue, due to people not following procedures when deploying equipment when typical day rates were $600K.

Now is a great time to get your boat trailer services and ensure it is up to scratch. If you have left it over winter, it is always a good idea to get it serviced and make sure that sitting for a long period of time hasn’t affected it.

“People park their trailers up over the winter”, Don explained, “then the weather gets better and they go and get it, hitch it up to take the boat somewhere nice and on the way they discover something isn’t quite right with either the trailer itself or the tyres. 
“It's always best to have someone like us check it over before you end up stuck on the side of the road somewhere. Bring your trailer in to us for a free check to see if it needs any work before you enjoy your summer.”

“I started by servicing a few trailers to supplement the pension”, Don explained, “and it just grew from there. Now I work on boat trailers, horse trailers, farm stock trailers and general trailers from plant trailers to flatbeds and everything in between.”

Services include inspection of towing systems / brakes / hubs / bearings /chassis / axles / back plates / lighting systems and tyres.

Collaton Trailers also undertakes panel replacement on older horse box trailers, structural assessment and replacement with new structural components and welding, steam cleaning and rewiring and fitting LED systems. 

Because Collaton Trailers is a small business, they are much more personal and connected with their customers. Don insists his clients know what is being done with their trailers, the work that is being carried out, and making sure there are no hidden costs or surprises along the way. 

They have set service costs covering single axle un-braked through to full braked systems with two or more axles. Extra labour and costs are incurred for replacement of any parts and fitting.

“People are even welcome to come along and see the work that we're doing on their trailers”, Don said.

Don’s expert background in engineering makes him an excellent problem solver and he goes above and beyond for his customers, providing a collection service for broken down trailers and searching for deals on parts and ensuring that he can get the best possible price for people. 

Collaton Trailers can provide servicing for horseboxes and boat trailers - which can be brought in with boats on. They are also covered for boat delivery (within a reasonable distance) and often work with Blackness Marine and Ribeye Trailers.

Most trailers are serviced on the four poster ramp and 2023 we are expanding the workshop and fitting a further Bradbury ramp. Any issues with tyres and we use our local mobile company LH Tyres to provide their services.

Don also occasionally has trailers, mainly boat trailers, for sale, that he has reconditioned with local parts - working closely with another of our fantastic members - Martin Pears Engineering

Collaton Trailers is a member of the National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA) and is fully insured. 

To contact Don and Collaton Trailers, check out their website through their listing HERE or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 01803 712298 or 07484 871592. 


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