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Bonwitco Boats in the UK - Wills Marine Ltd Kingsbridge

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If you live in the South Hams and are into boating you’ll be familiar with the With (pronounced ‘Vit’ or ‘Wit’) dinghy. Kingsbridge-based Wills Marine sold them in thousands thanks to their high quality, reliability and reputation for great stability.

Bonwitcos (trade name for the With) are made of fibreglass and their double-skinned hulls provide extra stability and durability in challenging conditions. Their ‘dromedile’ design, developed by Norwegian Bror With in the 1970’s, provides for exceptional seagoing ability, little wake at low speeds and improved overall performance ...

Other features loved by customers include a metal keel band for added protection, and a bung in the foot well allowing water to drain out easily. Distributed in the UK by Wills Marine of Kingsbridge, the With is now being produced in the Netherlands. 

New designs incorporating updated materials and processes – including the popular 320 and 375 hulls – are being showcased by Wills Marine at the 2016 Kingsbridge Boat Show on Saturday 9th April.

Says Bonwitco’s UK operations manager, Kelvin Kellond, ‘2016 is actually Bonwitco’s 60th anniversary and this is a highly appropriate time to be introducing these updated and most attractive designs back into the UK.’

Given the With’s superb design features, interest is expected to be high. Families favour them for their easy handling and safety record, and they are equally prized as tenders, day boats for trips to the beach or light sea fishing.

For further information and an opportunity to preview the new boats contact Martin Wills at Wills Marine on 01548 852424.

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