Archeological Findings of interest found in Sherford

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Archeological Findings of interest found in Sherford

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'Archeological findings of interest' have been found in a cave in the housing development of Sherford in Plymouth (actually half of Sherford is in the South Hams so lets claim our archeological fame where we can!).

Sherford Consortium has confirmed it is working with archaeological team partners, Devon County Council and Historic England regarding the discovery and have urged the community not to visit the site, as accessing the site by foot or vehicle would be dangerous.

A petition has been started on to, 'SaveTheCave - Protect the incredible archaeology in Sherford Cave' by Tara Beacroft and as of Saturday 22 January it has gained over 7500 signatures.

Tara says, "Cast your mind back to over ten thousand years ago. Woolly mammoths, woolly rhino, wolves and even reindeer were roaming the Uk. Early modern humans took shelter in caves and lived a nomadic hunting lifestyle. 

Today, we know so much about our past from archaeological remains and discovering sites of occupation like caves. 

In Sherford, Plymouth. A property development company is creating 5,500 houses. However, in their work they have discovered a cave. Filled with signicant ice age remains, like a wolf skeleton, a woolly Mammoth tusk and perhaps even some evidence of human occupation. 

For the developers, this is simply an inconvenience. For us, it's our history. 

They plan to potentially seal the cave off, by filling the entrance with concrete. In doing so, all that history will be lost forever. 

This campaign is a story of David and Goliath. A story of a corporate machine that cares about money. We're not suggesting they stop the development, but simply ask them to #savethecave.

Please sign our petition to protect the entrance, and add a unique presence to this new town in Plymouth".

Click here to add you name to the petition. 


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