Company asks for comment on plans for 35 houses in East Allington

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Company asks for comment on plans for 35 houses in East Allington

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A company is asking for local comments as it prepares to apply for planning permission for 35 houses in East Allington.

The application, which is expected to be submitted by Place Land “early in the new year”, will propose 35 houses behind the existing playing fields and park in the village, off Dartmouth Road.

The pre-application, which you can view on the website, states that the scheme would see 30 percent “affordable homes”, with that being a mix of social rented and intermediate housing tenures.

The proposed scheme from Place Land

The proposal also promises “a balanced mix of house types, sizes and tenures for a range of household sizes, ages and incomes”, an “enhanced children’s play area”, “biodiversity gains through enhanced ecological and landscape management” and contributions towards “new and enhanced infrastructure”.

It also states: “East Allington offers a sustainable location for new housing, offering a range of community facilities, including a primary school, church, parish hall and play area, all within 20mph zones which improves road safety and encourages residents to walk and cycle to local facilities.

“School children are able to access the secondary school by daily school bus services.”

If you would like to submit a comment, you can email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the proposals will also be presented to East Allington parish council’s planning forum on Wednesday, 19 January, at 7.30pm. The closing date for comment is 31 January.


User comments

The quality of the local roads are poor at best, no safe walking or cycling possible. No one obeys the speed limits in and out of the village. Regularly observe the school mums entering the village at speed whilst appearing to be on the phone, at least not looking in the direction of travel!
The proposed entry is clearly flawed as it is at a pinch point in the road which when built would create issues with potentially 3 points of entry to the junction from 3 or more vehicle’s creating congestion at this point in the road. No one can reverse!
As to the statement of water drainage being to the 100 year flood standard this is also not sufficient as the current Lister Way houses are built on bedrock with very little drainage happening and I’m sure this is a factor in the current soak away at Laburnum Way being near to bursting its banks every time we have a downpour.
Any water test needs to be carried out during the worst weather to see the true drainage levels that are achieved rather than in the middle of the summer months when the ground soak and retention is at its highest.
Would any thought be given to solar inclusion, good bin and refuse storage (currently in any wind bins are seen travelling around the village with no one seeming to care), and the potential damage that would be done to the wildlife that is currently seen now.
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Place Land is an agent working primarily for their own profit and that of landowners. This is veiled by the statements re helping SHDC with their Local Plan etc.
Sustainability occurs often in their information. So anyone who knows East Allington will also know that most employment and Secondary schooling all exists outside the village which needs at least one car for each family. The Bus Service is almost non existent and the terrain isn't suitable for safe or easy cycling. This means that there is no, or little opportunity, for families without their own transport to leave the village for work, education or recreation in larger local towns. Where is the 'sustainability' in this? How do pupils of KCC access extra curricular activities? They are basically cut off in the village in the evenings with little or no facilities.
The local roads are single track with some passing places, steep and winding.
Is the local school large enough to contain and increase in population of young children, or will they have to access another village school? Has a calculation been made re how many extra Primary and Secondary aged children the 35 houses will produce?
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I live in what is currently a very nice village which in my opinion will suffer at the hands of an over developed piece of land. Currently there are issues with the amount of traffic in and around the roads and the proposed 35 houses will surely bring an enhanced danger to the villagers and their children if yet another 50 to 60 vehicles are speeding in and out to access houses that on the consultation night no one wanted.
The proposed plan also is a sham as it was admitted on the night to be just an artist impression and the actual build most likely completely different.
As for the enhanced Green credentials surely a few weeds and bat boxes will not outweigh the years of upheaval this will cause residents. The roads are already covered in soil from the farmers and now we will have to endure building materials and large vehicles, high levels of noise and dust etc for probably 2 yrs plus.
I think the developers are not genuine as we only saw this proposal at the last minute when it was pinned to the village shop door days before the meeting in the village hall, this does not bode well going forward for us if the council allow this to proceed.
I would expect the council to see this and would expect you and the builders to fully answer these important questions and fears for the villagers at the next public consultation as was offered and agreed by yourselves last time.
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Prioritise first time buyers for once
Just what we need, more unaffordable homes in the area...
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