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Local opposition to trail scheme builds with environmental and feasibility concerns
General News SA Sam Acourt April 27, 2021 842
Bad Idea!
As the title suggests this is a bad idea. It doesn't help members of the Primrose committee encouraging farmers to believe their neighbours thought it was a wonderful idea, neither was it a good idea to encourage people to trespass in order to view sorely tunnel. But the main issue is the feasibility report, an example if ever there was one of unfounded optimism coupled with a lack of detail and a complete failure to grasp local opinion or the impact of more people in an area already suffering with overtourism.

The Report itself allows 6 lines for engineering work, considering there are three bridges and one tunnel to negotiate that seems somewhat lacking, the tunnel has a small river running out of it, there is no electric, the tunnel walls and roof will no doubt need considerable work and a surface appropriate for all will have to be laid and that's all after you have permission from the working farms it runs through, which they won't get and the idea this can somehow accommodate cyclists, horses, walkers and dogs on the same path is cloud cuckoo land.

I strongly suspect the whole project is driven by those with little knowledge of the area or what it was like historically. The last thing this area needs at this point is more tourism, the roads are already crumbling at an alarming rate, air pollution is high and coupled with the amount of congestion, waste and litter is rapidly making the area unpleasant to live in especially during the summer months but increasingly through the winter months, it is no longer sustainable. The sooner this idea is shelved the better.
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