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Man charged for "nonpayment" of parking charge, despite having proof

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Man charged for "nonpayment" of parking charge, despite having proof

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A parking company is continuing to chase a customer for an unpaid parking ticket, despite him being able to prove with online banking that the charge was paid. 

On 4 April, Mark Issacs pulled into the Premier Parking Solutions controlled car park in Outer Hope, Hope Cove. 

He said: “It was a new company car so I had the registration number written down in my phone and I’ve been stung by parking machines not working properly so I double and triple checked that the reg was in right and everything was correct and then paid by card. 

“I’ve been caught before, in fact a couple of weeks later we went to the same car park with my brother-in-law and he put the reg in wrong and I went back and did the whole thing again because I know how these companies can be.”

Shortly after that, Mark received a letter from PPS to say that they were chasing me for “non payment”. He appealed against the ticket and even sent a copy of his bank statement to prove that the money left his account. Unfortunately he emptied his car of rubbish, and therefore the physical paper ticket, before receiving the letter. 

Mark's online banking on his phone, showing the PPS charge and the charge for The Cove, Hope Cove - credit Mark Issacs 

This wasn’t accepted by PPS who said there was no way to prove that that charge was for the same PPS car park as the one being contested.

Mark said: “This is despite the next charge being for a coffee in Hope Cove, if I parked somewhere else, what did I do? Park somewhere else and then teleport to Hope Cove to have a coffee?! And it is a company car, I'm the only one insured to drive it. ”

Mark has contacted Trading Standards but is at a loss as to what to do next. 

His advice to others is to “take a photo of the machine, of your car, of your ticket in the car, everything, in case you need it later”. 

We have contacted PPS but they have yet to respond. If we receive one we will update this article immediately. 

It is thought the Outer Hope car park sold for £1.2million when it was taken over by PPS. 

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Yet another problem at Hope cove.
Picture of the ticket in my windscreen plus on my bank statement.
no one to talk to at PPS
now with BW legal who say nothing they can do and I need to pay up the £170
seems like its PPS business model
why are the council letting these people do this to the general public?
Take pictures of everything and don't let them win
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Same problem at Hope Cove
I’ve just had the same problem at Hope Cove car park, parked in July, couldn’t get reception for Ringo so made a contactless payment. Didn’t keep the ticket but could prove the payment from my bank statement. Good to see the courts are doing the right thing but this ‘parking’ company are relying on people not having the time or inclination to go all the way. The Council should investigate this type of behaviour of a company operating on their watch.
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I have had similar issues at Vauxhall St Car Park, Plymouth. Bought ticket at machine using cash, displayed in car, only stayed allowed time but sent demand for £60 saying 'no trace of payment' ie I had not used an online method. I felt a bit smug when I found I still had the ticket and sent a photo of it- but the received notification that it only showed the first 2 digits of the number plate. I had checked that I put it in correctly so it was obviously a 'fault'-or deliberate issue?-with the machine. Either way the small print on the machine says that the ticket must show the correct full number plate-so I felt I would not win the case and paid up.
I am glad to see others have stood their ground and won, but is there any way of preventing this scam?
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County Court victory against Premier Parking Solutions / BW Legal
I have also recently won in county court after Premier Parking Solutions, who operate the Hope Cove car park, took me to court to claim £276.58. They claimed they had no trace of payment despite the fact I provided my parking ticket valid for the full duration of my stay on initial appeal. They then claimed they had no log of my registration plate. The judge ruled that it was clear I had paid, and both sides agreed that was the case, so dismissed their claim and awarded me costs for loss of leave and also my travel expenses. Do not give in to legal threats and demands for money from the Hope Cove car park operators when you have already paid and complied with the terms of parking.
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I had the same issued. Paid at the machine and could prove through my bank that I paid the correct amount at the correct time in the correct place to the correct company. They took it to court. Hearing last week.
The company tried to claim I hadn't paid but only supplied a printout of payments via the app, not from the machine. Once it became apparent that I had paid, the company's solicitor tried to claim I hadn't entered my registration correctly. No evidence of this was offered. The judge ruled in my favour. I was awarded costs, including the £6 that I paid to park outside the court house!

As part of my case, submitted before the hearing, I used multiple quotes from this website and others to demonstrate that the company is not trustworthy. So a big thank-you to all contributors. Victory for the small guy!
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