Pony killed on Dartmoor, police call for "moor care"

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Pony killed on Dartmoor, police call for "moor care"

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Ivybridge Police call for drivers to "take moor care" after a pony is killed on the road on Dartmoor. 

A spokesperson for Ivybridge and Rural Police said: "Sadly a Dartmoor pony lost its life last night near Lee Moor after being hit by a vehicle.

"We are now in full season of livestock in pregnancy and birthing. Foals, lambs and calves are roaming the moors. Sadly they do not understand a road is dangerous so please slow down, look ahead, be aware and at night animals do stand or sleep on the road be prepared and drive in a manner that you can stop in plenty of time.

"Every year we have to attend livestock being harmed or dying on the road. Take control of your driving and understand the Moors are free roaming for livestock."

The pony is thought to be a well-known and loved animal known as 'Hugo'. Most of the comments on the social media post are calling for traffic calming measures, speed cameras or speed humps. It is not thought to have been speed that caused this particular incident, but many commented to say that that bit of road is notorious for people driving too fast. 

Main image: Copyright Jeff Buck, Geograph 

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