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Salcombe Swimming Pool is open and residents are told to use it or lose it

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Salcombe Swimming Pool is open and is telling people to use it or lose it

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Salcombe Swimming Pool is now open for the summer, but residents have been told to use it or lose it. 

Salcombe Swimming Pool opened this week but a spokesperson shared on social media that they currently had no bookings.

They said: "If we don’t have swimmers then will quickly become economically unviable to schedule the pool to open….

"It’s your choice - your pool!"

The pool is scheduled to be open every afternoon this week, from 3.30pm to 6pm and 1pm to 5pm at the weekend. 

The spokesperson added: "If we have no advance bookings for the second / last sessions each day we will close early to try and reduce our running costs." 


Photo credit Salcombe Swimming Pool 


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