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Totnes police officer targeted by scam - warns others

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Totnes police officer targeted by scam - warns others

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A Totnes neighbourhood officer received a scam call this week stating it was from HM Revenue and Customs. 

The officer took to Facebook to post about the call, saying that the automated system stated it was "HM Revenue and customs and legal action is being take against you".

The post continued: "You then get transferred to a person who aggressively presses you for your information. 

"Now I did have a little bit of fun with this one because I like to inconvenience those who target vulnerable people. Anyway I won’t go into details but they became extremely abusive. Call ended and number blocked. 

"Please make sure you are aware that this is not how HMRC will contact you and they certainly won’t call you a silly 'sausage' and tell you to google local insane asylums and check yourself in. 

"Anyway- that’s how I started my day off today. 

"Never give your details over the phone. 

"You can always end the call if you are unsure and call back the official number of HMRC or any other business or organisation to check how legitimate their enquiry is. Never ever give any bank details to someone you don’t know- and don’t be fooled by their tactics. 

"Have a lovely day. Back on duty tomorrow- see you then!"

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