VIDEO: Driver and dog escape as waste truck bursts into flames

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VIDEO: Driver and dog escape as waste truck bursts into flames

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A driver and his dog managed to escape after a waste collection truck burst into flames near Modbury. 

Max Gillard, landscape labourer and refuse collector for Leaf It Out, was driving in the Modbury area today, Friday, 29 April, when he noticed orange in his rear view mirror. He pulled over at the next safe opportunity and realised the back of the truck was on fire. 

See the video below of the blaze in the back of the truck:

Max and his dog Dexter were able to get out of the vehicle and quick thinking Max tipped up the back of the truck, preventing the fire spreading to the cab, and called 999.

Kingsbridge Fire Crew were on the scene in nine minutes. 

The cause of the fire is suspected to have been six disposable vape pens found in the waste. 

Jess Rigby, Leaf It Out, said: "Thank you so much to the fire brigade for getting there so quickly, they were amazing. We're so grateful for Max's quick thinking to save the truck but there has still been thousands of pounds worth of damage caused to our vehicle because of a £5 disposable vape. 

"Please don't put them in the bin, it does say so on the packet. They need to be taken to the recycling centre to be disposed of properly. If this is what happened to our truck, can you imagine what would happen in your home bin or in your car."

Max was on one of the household waste routes in the area, and there may be a small delay in collections due to the fire but they're back on the road now!  


As a member of, Leaf It Out has a great listing HERE, find out what they can do for you! 


VIDEO: Driver and dog escape as waste truck bursts into flames
VIDEO: Driver and dog escape as waste truck bursts into flames

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