Warning about weever fish as the crowds head to the beaches

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Warning about Weever fish as the masses head to the beaches

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A warning about weever fish has gone almost viral as people prepare to head to the beaches in the school holidays. 

Edd Bartlett, who runs the Loo and South East Cornwall Facebook page posted: "Yup its that time of year folks. As we are literally days away from the school summer holidays. Its time for our usual public service announcement
"These little blighters are weever fish. Found all round our coast. They like to bury themselves in soft sand so are often in the sea on our most popular beaches. Now for a fish that's two inches long you wouldn't think it was a threat. However many many adults and children every year step on them. Unfortunately they have a poisonous spine on their backs...and the pain?? Well lets say it can be holiday spoiling
"So how to protect yourselves...the easiest way is to purchase some beach shoes, they can be purchased pretty much everywhere and are cheap...better eco-friendly if you take them home and bring them next year!!

"If you decide to risk going bare foot and fall foul. There are no quick treatments but a simple one does exist - hot water, as hot as you can stand it, and change regularly for 60-90 minutes. Also, tweezers to remove any spines (they keep pumping toxins if you leave them).
"However, I warn you...the pain is intense. Like nothing you have ever felt.
"Personally.....I'd buy the beach shoes 🤣"
Stay safe! 

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