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Eco Laundry - Environmentally Friendly

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In an increasingly competitive world, hospitality businesses across the South Hams need to constantly strive to differentiate themselves from their rivals. Keeping beds and tables full during the summer months are critical for long term success.

In a bid to win customer loyalty year on year it’s the seemingly little things that can make all the difference … 

Take laundry and linens for example. Thousands of beds and countless towels, tablecloths and napkins are laundered every year across the district. So, what if you could find a laundry service which will not only supply you with spotless, immaculately pressed and beautifully scented whites at a competitive price, but whose eco-credentials are second to none?

Enter the Eco Laundry.

Based near Dittisham, Dartmouth, and covering the whole of the South Hams, the Eco Laundry has invested in the latest solar, biomass and energy saving technologies to produce results that are reassuringly green. Water is provided from a borehole and the high quality eco-friendly detergents they use are kind to linens, nature and sensitive skin alike.

‘However, that is not enough for us,’ says founder, Lola Grogan. ‘We are also working closely with the Carbon Trust looking for more ways to reduce our carbon footprint as our goal is to be as carbon neutral as a company can be,’ she adds.

Passionate about preserving the beautiful natural environment in which she lives, Lola was quick to recognise the increasing consumer demand for environmental accountability. ‘Never has there been more interest in sustainable tourism, not just abroad but on our own doorstep, too,’ she claims. Those businesses which openly support green initiatives can enhance the perception that they are more caring and considerate in other areas of their operation, too.

Lola firmly believes that end users stay loyal to businesses who are prepared to go the extra mile, so why keep it a secret? As part of their service, the Eco Laundry provides free branded tent cards to display on your freshly made beds, towel stacks or tables to ensure that your customers know that caring for the environment is a core concern.

The Eco Laundry caters for both private and commercial clients and can be reached via their website,

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