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Story Sense


The Annexe, Kingsbridge Community Primary School, Belle Cross Road
South Hams, South Devon
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Main Contact:
Nikita Dixon
Mobile Number:
07528 769969
Opening Hours:
9:30 - 10:30am: 15m to 4yrs
12:30 - 1:30pm: 0 to crawling

Story Sense. Making stories come alive for babies and toddlers through sensory activities that engage and excite.

What is Story Sense?

Story Sense is a baby and toddler group which provides sensory experiences through a story. The stories are written specifically for these classes and allow for exciting and engaging activities that stimulate the senses of babies and toddlers. Every week is a WOW week, with lights, music and much more.

The classes run in the same format each week, allowing both babies and toddlers to get into a routine and recognise where they are. Each of the activities throughout the class has been designed to match the story being told. All of the activities in the session are adaptable in order for you to be able to recreate them at home to carry on the learning.

Each story follows a different character on a journey to somewhere new; whether it is the beach, deep beneath the waves or up in space. Six characters come alive and we follow them through every story. Story Sense provides parents with an opportunity to make new friends, share ideas and have adult conversation! It allows babies and toddlers to learn to play together, developing all of their social skills ready for school.

Expect a mixture of lights, bubbles, music, shakers, colours, parachutes, hand puppets, ball pits and age appropriate books and toys in every class!

I am a qualified Primary School teacher and have been working in schools for the past 5 years. I have a little boy, George.

The Classes

Story Sense is split into 2 different age groups.

In this age group, many of the babies will stay laying on the floor in front of you or will be sitting up and looking at their surroundings. All of the activities provided allow for them to interact with both you and the equipment used from where they are. Be prepared for lots of singing, dancing and energy!

Walking - 4 years
This is the last age group. By this stage, the children will be doing most of the hard work and the adults can relax a little more. The activities for this age group are designed for the children to interact independently whilst still under the watchful eye of their carer. They will be up and dancing, moving, singing and taking part in lots of new sensory activities.


Story Sense
Story Sense
Story Sense
Story Sense
Story Sense
Story Sense


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