Covid 19 numbers drop in the South Hams

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Covid 19 numbers drop in the South Hams

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Cases of Covid-19 have fallen for the first time in weeks, dropping 38 percent to 205.

Laboratory confirmed cases in the South Hams have dropped from 311, between 18-24 July, to 205 between 26 July to 2 August, a drop of 38 per cent. 
There are 5,605 current cases in the South West, with only 7.7 percent being in people over the age of 60. 
Cases per 100,000 are 235.6 in the South Hams, Devon 299.5; Torbay 396.3; Plymouth 454.4; Cornwall 257.3; and England 292.2. Sadly, there were nine Covid-related deaths between 23-29 July in the South West, three in Cornwall and two in Devon. 404 people died across the whole of England. 
The highest rates remain in the young age groups, mostly within younger working-age adults. Most cases are in people aged between 20-39. 
When it comes to vaccinations, in Devon, Torbay and Plymouth, 87 percent in the age range 30-34, 74 percent in the age range 25-29 and 74 percent in the age range 18-24 have had a first dose and 90 percent of people aged 45-49 have had both doses. In all, some 93 percent of all adults (over 18) have had one dose and some 75 percent have now had two doses.
If you're worried about the virus or misinformation surrounding Covid-19 and the pandemic, visit this blog by science communicator and Totnes resident Dr Emily Grossman:

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