Council to prosecute developer over continued work at Lock's Hill

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Council to prosecute developer over continued work at Lock's Hill

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South Hams District Council are "gathering the necessary evidence to prosecute" after work continues at Lock's Hill despite a temporary stop notice. 

South Hams District Council's leader has issued a statement to say that they are preparing to prosecute Blakesley Estates for not conforming to the temporary stop notice they issued on Monday. 

Members of the Save Lock's Hill Facebook group noticed work starting at the site, also known as Garden Hill, on Monday, 17th of May, including the digging of a road and the removal and destruction of vegetation, hedges and trees, without the proper paperwork (full backstory here). They attracted the attention of SHDC, who issued a temporary stop notice, requiring work on the site to stop for 28 days. 

Work has since continued on the site, read our previous article HERE

Cllr Judy Pearce said: "The temporary stop notice was issued because the developer had started work before it was allowed to do so under the planning permission. It was also the case that the works that it had carried out were causing significant environmental damage. Having done so, the Council is very disappointed that the Developer has carried on with the unauthorised works.

"As the temporary stop notice is not being complied with, the Council is in the process of gathering the necessary evidence to prosecute the Developer and all those not complying with the notice. The maximum penalty on conviction is an unlimited fine. The Council will be seeking an early court hearing."

When asked why work was continuing on site, Blakesley Estates spokesperson said: "Unfortunately I cant comment on ongoing legal issues with SHDC. You have the previous statement which updates everyone on our position on site and with the wider planning issues." You can read their statement in full in our previous story HERE.

Main image: Vegetation being removed - credit Emma Jones

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