DCC are offering free trees to landowners to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee

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DCC are offering free trees to landowners to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee

Devon County Council have partnered with The Woodland Trust to offer 70 packs of free trees to landowners in Devon to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 and contribute to the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative.

 Each free tree pack will contain 45 trees comprising three types of native broadleaved tree commonly found throughout Devon. Woodland expansion is needed to help combat climate change and support our declining wildlife.

To celebrate the Queen’s 70 years of Service, Her Majesty invites people across the UK to “Plant a Tree for the Platinum Jubilee”. This tree planting initiative focuses on planting sustainably in honour of The Queen’s leadership of the Nation; the intent is to leave a legacy that will greatly benefit future generations. 

Are you eligible?

If you have a field corner to spare or other area where you would like to establish a small copse, linear woodland or extend an existing woodland, you can apply for a free tree pack. In previous years free packs of 45 saplings containing oak, birch and rowan trees have been supplied to eligible landowners. To give trees enough space to develop a good crown and grow to maturity, we advise planting at 3m random spacings, which requires an area of approximately 400m(20m x 20m) for 45 trees.    

The following conditions apply: 

  1. The trees must be planted in Devon  
  2. The tree planting location (or locations) must be suitable in terms of size and location in the landscape
  3. The planting must be carried out by the end of March 2022
  4. A person (landowner or their appointee) must be named as responsible for planting and maintaining the trees according to the instructions, so that after five years the trees are well established and growing healthily
  5. DCC requires a photograph of the planted trees as evidence of completion. If not provided to us by the end of May 2022, they may wish to access the planting site on an accompanied visit to check and record (through a photograph) that the planting has been carried out Arrangements for such a visit will be agreed in advance with the landowner

To apply, complete this online form here by 27 September 2021. This is the deadline that would enable tree packs to be delivered in time for you to plant in National Tree Week (27th of November – 5th of December). Applications after this date would be subject to availability. You will be notified if you have been successful before the end of October 2021 and your tree pack will be dispatched to you on a date confirmed by the tree nursery we appoint. 

To find out more, visit Devon County Council's website: http://soc.devon.cc/Dq62l

Photo credit: David Colman

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