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Neighbours roused sleeping residents as Stokenham fire took hold of the pub
General News SA Sam Acourt September 28, 2021 451
I would like to thank David, Craig, Ella, Phil and Cathy from the bottom of my heart for waking us as the fire started. We own the Old Library and were fast asleep when the bang on the door broke our sleep just after midnight. Less than 45 minutes later the cottage was ablaze!! I can’t imagine what would have happened without their intervention - it does not bear thinking about. We lost our.retirement home temporarily, but are determined to rebuild and move in as planned as soon as is practical. We spent the last 41/2 years refurbishing the cottage and are determined to get it back to its former glory as soon as possible. Our neighbours Brendan and Lynn were brilliant- taking us and Yvonne ( next door) in over night. It made me really appreciate how kind and caring people around us really are. The Old Library will be rebuild and will be around for the next 400 years. Watch this space.
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