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Local opposition to trail scheme builds with environmental and feasibility concerns
General News SA Sam Acourt April 27, 2021 842
If this trail were to be built it would totally ruin one of the very few unspoiled areas on South Devon. To create a 'multi use trail' in the Avon Valley would be an enormous mistake on every level, urbanising the countryside with a wide hard track ( even though the PT group call it is 'cinder track' make NO mistake, it is a hard track) would be extremely detrimental. The UK has over 16,000 miles of cycle tracks, there is only one Avon Valley, once it is lost, it is lost forever. 50,000 MORE people using this valley would be a a great mistake. The PT group say in their own feasibility study that they would want to attract over 50,000 extra visitors. The actual words in the feasibility study are, 'the expected visitor numbers will exceed 50,000.' That is EXTRA people, NOT local people who already use the paths and bridleways that are accessible. Where will they park? In the lanes? Where will they leave their rubbish and dog poo bags?
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