Fire crew rescues toddler locked in car

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Fire crew rescues toddler locked in car

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Kingsbridge Fire Station crew rescued an 18-month-old child from a locked car before a local garage patched the vehicle up so the family could return home. 

Yesterday, 16 June, at around 3pm, Kingsbridge Fire crew was alerted to a family with an 18-month-old child locked in their car. 
One of the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service's relief fire-fighters, Mike Trembath, is also one of the managers of Quay Auto Centre in Kingsbridge, so he used his "operational discretion" and took a 60 second detour to the garage premises to collect a "vehicle breaking in kit" that they had on site. 
Despite Mike being able to reach the internal door handle of the car using the kit, and pull the handle enough to have opened it, the car had deadlocked, meaning it would not open without the key or the remote. 
So they decided to do it the old-fashioned way and taped the window furthest away from the child and broke the glass, allowing them to reach the keys and rescue the toddler unharmed.
Mike then advised the owners to take their car to Quay Auto Centre where they vacuumed the broken glass from the inside of the car and used some "crash wrap" to weather-proof the vehicle and allow the family to return home to Totnes. 
A community effort to get a family safely home after what must have been a scary ordeal. We're glad the occupants and young child are safe and sound. 



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