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Fire crews battle vehicle fire in a field

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Fire crews battle vehicle fire in a field

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Kingsbridge and Salcombe Fire Station crews battled a telehandler fire in a field.  

Yesterday, Wednesday, 3 July, the two fire crews were called to a telehandler that was on fire in a field. 

credit Kingsbridge Fire Station 

The "quick-thinking" of the farmer meant they had covered the vehicle in soil to stop the fire spreading to the recently-harvested dry field. 

credit Kingsbridge Fire Station 

A spokesperson for Kingsbridge Fire Station said: "The soil was then insulating the hot remains of the telehandler preventing it from cooling down.

"Using two hose-reel jets and small tools we unburied the telehandler and cooled it, ensuring it would not reignite."

There were no injuries. 

credit Kingsbridge Fire Station 

Hot and dry conditions have increased the risk of fire, especially wildfires, and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service has released this advice: 

Help us reduce the risk of wildfires

  • Please don’t have BBQs or campfires in the countryside, or on any grassland during this very dry weather.
  • If you’re a smoker, please take extreme care with how you put out your cigarettes and dispose of them.
  • Don’t leave litter, and pick it up if you see it. Don’t leave it to someone else. Discarded litter, in particular glass bottles, pose a fire risk when the sun’s rays are magnified through it.
  • Avoid having bonfires at the moment. If you must have one, follow our bonfire safety advice and let us know you’re having a controlled burn (call 0333 399 0014). This is so we can check in with you if we receive any 999 calls reporting a fire in the same area, which stops us from sending firefighters out to bonfires when they’re not needed.
  • Read more about how you can prevent wildfires.

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