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No brown bin collection until at least spring 2022
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated October 18, 2021 2147
South Hams District Council has “reluctantly agreed” to continue the suspension of the garden waste collections until spring 2022.
Suspension of SHDC's garden waste collection will be extended at Executive meeting
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated September 24, 2021 1320
Residents can watch or listen into a meeting of South Hams Executive next week, where the council’s Executive and officers will be holding FCC Environment to account, as they...
SHDC opposition group calls for termination of recycling contract
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated August 25, 2021 440
The group of opposition councillors at South Hams District Council today released a statement saying that they plan to call for the cancellation of the current waste contract. ...
SHDC has moved to separate two reasons for recycling issues currently plaguing the council
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated August 18, 2021 452
South Hams District Councillor John Birch released a statement that said that FCC Environment "still fails to fulfil its contractual obligations" and it was time for the contractor to...
SHDC suspends garden waste collections for at least four weeks
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated August 16, 2021 501

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South Hams District Council's recycling and waste contractor, FCC Environment, has asked the council to suspend all garden waste collections from today.
Missed recycling collections drops by 75% but 64 households still being missed every day
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated July 08, 2021 205
The number of households reporting missed recycling collections has dropped 75 percent since the peak, but 64 a day are still not receiving a service.
Recycling problems expected to continue until end of year, as councillor tells public they can't sack waste company
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated June 21, 2021 1585
SHDC has been told that recycling contractor FCC Environment is expecting a "long term solution" to the collections issues "before the end of 2021", meanwhile South Hams Councillor Julian...
FCC Environment releases new statement following SHDC meeting
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated June 11, 2021 353
The company in charge of the new Super Recycling Service for SHDC has released a new statement following yesterday's council meeting. 
8 results - showing 1 - 8