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Thunderstorm hits the South Hams this morning, we're already seeing effects

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Thunderstorm hits the South Hams this morning,  we're already seeing effects

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A thunderstorm hit the South Hams this morning with businesses putting out sandbags and already dealing with minor flooding. 

Someone decided a kayak was the way to get around in Salcombe (credit anonymous):

Absolute Dental caught some serious rushing water coming past their surgery this morning (credit Absolute Dental): 



Jen Francis, Bigbury, said it was the "worst she had seen it" as she took these two pics of the road between Aveton Gifford and the Bantham Roundabout on the school run (credit Jen Francis)


Hailstones as large as marbles fell in Chivelstone (credit anonymous):

A very calm stallion gave zero hoots about the thunder and lighting at Dittiscombe Equestrian Centre (credit Emily Farleigh)


The King of Prussia pub in Kingsbridge is having to clean up after a flash flood made it all the way to their bar but they will be open from 4pm! (credit King of Prussia) 



Pete Morris from Lockabox captured this image of water rushing down the steps after swimming at Quayside Leisure Centre (credit Pete Morris):



We'll keep updating this article with information and photos, if you have anything to share, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message our social media! Stay safe! 


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