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Most small business start-ups have a very limited budget, presenting them with a classic Catch-22. Without a great website there is little chance of generating significant income. But a professional-looking website requires a serious amount of upfront cash … right?

Wrong! Take a look at all the possibilities on offer from WEBedit, a brand new web builder serving new and established businesses including those in the South Hams.

 ‘We realised that there was a big gap in the market for businesses that need a more straightforward website which is how WEBedit came about. You can either build your own site from a wide range of fabulous templates or we can build it for you,’ says director, Joe.

And the cost? ‘If you’re happy to have a go yourself – it’s really easy because there’s no coding involved - and want to link to your own domain name, it’ll cost you £9.99 per month or, alternatively, £99 per year and that’s it!’ If, however, you want the WEBedit team to give you a hand, contact them for a free assessment and quote.

Given the unbelievably low cost, does that mean that there is a trade-off in quality and functionality? ‘Check out the WEBedit website and judge for yourself. We are that confident in what we are offering that we even built WEBedit itself on the same platform!’

WEBedit websites are mobile and tablet friendly, Google and search optimised, and have secure hosting and backups. They are highly customisable, with e-commerce, gallery and blog options plus many more. You can also add email sign-up and contact forms and links to social media.

And, with free help guides and online support, if you have basic IT and click-and-drag skills, then you could create your own stunning and sophisticated looking website in no time.

For more information, have a chat with the support team or raise a ticket at

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