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South Hams Planning Ltd - Planning Advice in the South Hams

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South Hams Planning


7 Manor Park
South Hams, South Devon
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Richard Boyt
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South Hams Planning Ltd - Specialist planning advice for Home Owners and Developers in South Devon.

Richard Boyt MRTPI is a time­ served chartered town and country planner with a wealth of knowledge and experience, based in Kingsbridge, South Devon.

South Hams Planning Ltd are advisors and contract managers of Council planning departments throughout the South West and further afield.

They also provides specialist planning advice to the private sector, everyone from landowners and developers, to architects, to other planners and lawyers, to those who are simply concerned about developments in their area.

This combination of Council and private sector knowledge will give you a unique planning perspective, hard to find anywhere else.

Richard has detailed experience and knowledge in the following fields:-

  • Urban and rural development control
  • District and County Council development management
  • Urban regeneration
  • Retail planning
  • Urban design
  • Major projects, project management and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Enforcement and planning law
  • Appeals and inquiries
  • Public consultation and engagement
  • Planning team management
  • Local and strategic planning policy

A current committee member and a regional board member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, he has been a chartered planner for 20 years, a planner for over 25 years and if you are wondering why he looks so old, prior to being a planner Richard worked in construction and civil engineering.


Put simply, if you have a question about planning and how it affects you, South Hams Planning Ltd are likely to be able to answer it, so contact us using the enquiry box on the Home page straight away for a no obligation response.

If South Hams Planning can't resolve your issue, we will know someone who can and we will point you in the right direction.

The British Planning system is a discretionary system, nothing is 100% certain and no outcome can ever be guaranteed by anyone, but using South Hams Planning gives you the best chance of success.

Visit the website for more information and to ask a question, initial advice is free.


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