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Estuaries and Rivers in the South Hams, South Devon

Explore Estuaries and Rivers around Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Dartmouth, Totnes, Ivybridge, the South Hams, South Devon. Visit Explore ...
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River Avon - Bantham South Devon
5004 0 2 0 0
The Avon (also known locally as the Aune) originates 475 metres above sea level near Ryder’s Hill on Dartmoor.
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River Erme South Devon
4052 0 2 0 0
The Erme rises at 430 metres above sea level on the Stall Moor area of South Dartmoor on the Abbot’s Way and flows for 15 miles through or near...
River Yealm South Devon
4000 0 2 0 0
The River Yealm rises at 430 metres above sea level from the Stall Moor mires of South Dartmoor and travels 12 miles to the sea where it is bounded...
River Dart - Dartmouth South Devon
2241 0 2 0 0
The River Dart’s primary source is the West Dart which rises from Lower White Tor on Dartmoor 450 metres above sea level.
Kingsbridge Estuary South Devon
6707 0 2 0 0
The Kingsbridge estuary is an exceptional example of a drowned tidal river valley (or ria) formed at the end of the last ice age.
5 results - showing 1 - 5