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SHDC agrees additional help to households in the grip of the cost of living crisis
General News SA Sam Acourt May 26, 2022 49

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South Hams District Councillors have agreed a discretionary council tax payment scheme. 
DCC turned down food bank for meal funding because it didn't also providing "entertainment"
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated May 13, 2022 155
Kingsbridge Food Bank was turned down for funding for feeding children over Easter because they weren’t also providing “entertainment”. 
South Hams residents start to receive their £150 council tax rebates
General News SA Sam Acourt April 25, 2022 231
South Hams District Council has paid the £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate to the first 9,000 households.
Are you struggling to pay your water bills?
General News SA Sam Acourt March 18, 2022 147

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If you are struggling with paying your water bills and have arrears, talk to South West Water tomorrow. 
4 results - showing 1 - 4