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South Hams families who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy or child are being invited to events in Torquay
General News SA Sam Acourt November 15, 2022 107
Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust's maternity unit has planned two events for families who have experienced the loss of a baby in pregnancy or the early months...
Anonymous paramedic speaks out as ambulances wait outside A&E for as much as 7 hours
General News SA Sam Acourt January 07, 2022 305

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As Derriford Hospital announced an internal critical incident due to “high pressure on urgent care”, a South Western Ambulance Service paramedic has spoken out anonymously. 
March For Midwives vigil aims to bring attention to "heart-breaking and soul destroying" problems in the service
General News SA Sam Acourt November 13, 2021 1399
Midwives at our three main hospitals are throwing their support behind ‘March With Midwives’, a peaceful vigil to bring attention to a national problem. 
3 results - showing 1 - 3