Hippopotamus milk is pink

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Hippopotamus in water - Hippo Milk is Pink

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According to research carried out by property website, Rightmove*, hippo milk is, indeed, pink!

This is not the only bizarre fact they've come up with. Try this one: your average four-year-old asks around 400 questions per day. We’re betting there are plenty of exhausted parents out there who would agree. Has anybody been counting?

Then there were a couple of interesting ones about social media. Apparently, 16 years of videos are uploaded to YouTube EVERY DAY! Perhaps less surprising is that around two billion people have social media accounts. That’s a third of the world’s population ...

There’s no doubt that people are searching more and more for content and information online, and from mobile devices at that. Next time you’re standing in a queue or sitting in a café (especially one with free WIFI), notice how many people around you are tapping and swiping.

At SouthHams.com we've got some pretty nifty software which shows up exactly where, and how, our visitors are looking; areas of high traffic show up as tap and swipe hotspots. This technology allows us to continually review the content and layout of our business directory for the benefit of visitors and, therefore, our members.

Most importantly, SouthHams.com is fully responsive, which means that we can be accessed in an easily readable format on any media device. If you’re reading this on a tablet or smart phone, you’ll know.

These days, if you want to attract new customers and build awareness, a high profile online presence is essential. In this respect, our premier domain name, SouthHams.com, is searched and ranked among the best. In addition, our pages are highly customisable to reflect each member’s unique offering.

But let’s return to social media for a moment. No question, it’s here to stay and growing fast, which is why we've added social media buttons to our members’ listings. That way, visitors can easily access the channels our members use. All this makes SouthHams.com one of the best online business advertising platforms around.

Finally, there are a couple more things you might want to know: 50% of our DNA is shared with bananas, and bubble wrap was originally designed as wallpaper! Thanks, Rightmove.

* 2016 corporate desk calendar.

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