Covid cases up to 19 in the South Hams but falling across the South West

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Covid cases up to 19 in the South Hams but falling across the South West

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Covid-19 cases in the South Hams are up to 19 but are falling across the South West. 

Devon County Councillor Roger Croad has released the latest figures for the South West, including the South Hams, which shows that there are 19 laboratory-confirmed cases between 16 and 22 May. 

Cllr Croad said the increase in the South Hams was "almost entirely down to two outbreaks involving students and staff in schools at Loddiswell and Stokenham, counting for 16 out of the 19 cases". 

So far, he is only aware of one confirmed case of the Indian variant in the South West, in Teignbridge, "where the person flew from the sub-continent, was tested positive and is now quarantined in a hotel". 

Confirmed cases per 100,000 is 21.8 in the South Hams, 7.7 in Devon, 3.7 in Torbay, 5.4 in Cornwall and 21.3 in England as a whole. 

Cllr Croad said: "I am pleased to say, between 13 and 19th May, there were NO Covid-related deaths in the South West Peninsula", but there were 30 in England.

He said: "South Hams again a little above the Devon average this week, as explained above. The low figures in the 40 - 80 plus age group are a sure indication that the vaccination programme is working.

"Up to 19 May in Devon, 730,745 have now received the first vaccination, including 51,875 (84 per cent) of the 40-44 age group. 440,224 second doses have been given (some 37.5 per cent of the adult population)."

People aged 32 and over (people who will turn 32 before 1 July 2021) are now eligible to book their first vaccination.

He added: "Second vaccines for over 50’s and others in cohorts 1-9 are being accelerated, with around eight weeks between doses. Those with existing appointments will be contacted to make new arrangements as soon as possible.

"Again, just a reminder that the appointment system for second doses is complex, as each patient needs to receive the same vaccine type as the first, and there are limited days we can offer each vaccine, due to varying supplies each week.

"If people haven't heard about a second appointment, please call 01752 398836 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.". 


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