SHDC is asking for your opinion on letting motorhomes park in car parks

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SHDC is asking for your opinion on letting motorhomes park in car parks

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South Hams District Council is proposing allowing overnight sleeping in a motorhome or caravan in council-owned car parks for two consecutive nights. 

SHDC said that in recent years there have been "increasing numbers of motorhomes and campervan users opting to use car parks and other locations for overnight stays in the South Hams" and are therefore proposing "allowing overnight sleeping for a two-night consecutive stay in some car parks, with no return within 48 hours".

The council recommends that stays would be at certain car parks for self-contained motorhomes and campervans only. They would be able to stay overnight for a fee of £15 in North Sands (Salcombe), Slapton and Torcross. from 6pm until 9am. All other car parks would be £10 overnight.

The aim is to "improve tourism, which is particularly important following the recent COVID pandemic when overseas travel is limited".

The following car parks in these towns across the District will be included in the pilot scheme:

  • ​​Ivybridge, Leonards Road Car Park
  • Kingsbridge, Quay Car Park (Southern area only)
  • Kingsbridge, Cattle Market Car Park
  • Modbury, Poundwell Meadow Overflow Car Park
  • Salcombe, North Sands
  • Totnes, Longmarsh Car Park
  • Dartmouth, Park & Ride Car Park
  • Slapton, Memorial Car Park
  • Torcross Tank Car Park – coach bays only

You can find the full information on the plans by reading the Notice of Proposal and the Statement of Reason.

You can have your say by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The consultation is open until Thursday 20th May at 5pm.

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Good afternonn. I would like to raise an objection to your proposal to allow overnight parking for motor homes and converted vans in the Memorial Car aprk at Slapton.
In the summer we often walk our dogs on the path between Slapton Ley and the road. we are astonished by the amount of human waste and used toilet tissue found on the path and in the bushes opposite the Memorial Car Park.
It is obviously used a toilet area by peaple using the car park.
In the winter you see no trace of this, so it is a fare assumumption to coclude that this area is belng used as a human toilet, possibly more so by coverted vans which might not have any toilet facilities.
Would it not be better to let these vehicles park overnight at the Torceoss car park where ther are toilet facilities.
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