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'Magic Roundabout' causes drama in Dartmouth, but the characters may made a comeback
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated July 26, 2021 564
A new roundabout in Dartmouth, nicknamed the ‘Magic Roundabout’ has been causing issues for local people for months, from narrow roads, a wonky look and a peculiar traffic light...
Double yellow lines plan in Kingsbridge put on hold
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated June 29, 2021 524

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A plan to put double yellow lines on the road in Saffron Park, as well as other roads in Kingsbridge, has been put on hold. 
Is your caravan or trailer road safe?
General News SA Sam Acourt May 26, 2021 215

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Police launch campaign to remind caravan and trailer owners to undertake safety checks are undertaken before you hit the road.
3 results - showing 1 - 3