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In 2018, pilot Tim Page set up his own drone photography business, Highshot Media, creating exceptional marketing imagery for businesses and individuals in the South West. Here, he talks about turning a passion into a profession and the benefits of a bird’s-eye view of South Devon…

Explain exactly what you do and why it’s different?

HighShot Media is a professional drone photography company based in Devon. Established in early 2018, we have been flying drones for over three years and use the latest drone technology to produce quality and affordable media for individuals and businesses. In particular, our new range of aerial film and imagery services cover a number of industry requirements, so clients have the flexibility to choose and tailor projects throughout development. We also provide free consultations and weather re-bookings on all projects, which is particularly useful for clients in Devon where weather can be temperamental but can also make for beautiful shots!  It means we can discuss and plan in a timely and affordable manner. 

What kind of work do you mostly do?

Experience has shown that no one job is the same.  However, we have seen a growing demand for short, sharp advertising campaigns for social media and new business start-ups wanting website content that commands attention. HighShot Media is developing a growing client list and we would be very glad to provide information to anyone who is considering the use of drones throughout the South West. 

What do clients get from aerial photography that they don’t get from regular photography?

The very nature of drone photography means that we capture an extraordinary view of a product or place, whilst providing 4K video or crystal clear images for marketing, events, property and business. Feedback has shown that clients and customers are continually impressed by the technology, the view it provides and the success at which it attracts business in marketing campaigns in an inexpensive manner. Whilst we realise that marketing and the use of drones has the stigma of being expensive, HighShot Media prides itself on producing affordable and quality media content.

You established the company in 2018 - what were you doing before?

I founded HighShot Media Ltd in early 2018. I currently work as a professional airline pilot, flying a large business jet internationally for VIPs and individuals from the South West. I have over 1000 hours in many types of aircraft and saw a gap in the market in my home county to provide a new perspective that I am fortunate to enjoy daily. My clients have said that my creative passion and aviation experience combine to support anyone who is considering the use of commercial grade aerial photography.

Why did you want to set up your own business?

My longstanding passion for drone technology was always separate to any commercial flying. In late 2017, I began looking more closely at completing the necessary exams to become a commercial aerial photographer and found I was fortunate, with my aviation qualifications, to qualify for a reduced course length and therefore time to get in the air. It made sense to combine these two passions and explore the opportunity of producing commercial work for clients alongside my role as a pilot. Since founding the company, I have been lucky to support many projects and am excited for 2019.

Is it just you?

Unlike some businesses, aerial photography is not nearly at labour intensive and for now, its just me. However, I am fortunate that my fiancé has a keen eye for detail and lends a hand as an observer when I am operating in a challenging environment.

What’s been the most unusual project you’ve worked on?

No project is the same and I am always surprised by the requests.  However, I am currently filming for a local pet cemetery and cremation business as they have some wonderful wooded gardens and hope to produce a new film for their updated website in the coming month.

HighShot Media is offering a complete media package to include a short film and images for £399 throughout 2019.



High Shot Media - Salcombe
High Shot Media - Salcombe
High Shot Media - Salcombe
High Shot Media - Salcombe
High Shot Media - Salcombe

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