Outstanding home care service from Plymouth to Torquay

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Outstanding home care service from Plymouth to Torquay

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Founded on integrity, Bluebird Care is a domiciliary care company that began in 2011 in Plymouth and which has now expanded into Torbay and the South Hams. Having been awarded top marks by the Care Quality Commissioner, if you or a member of your family is thinking about private care, here’s what you need to know about this outstanding care company...

Tell me a bit about Bluebird Care and how it came about?

Bluebird Care was started by husband and wife team, Alexander and Emma Allen, in Plymouth in 2014. They always wanted to own their own business, and while Bluebird Care is a nationwide franchise, this company is still very much a family owned company. Alexander and Emma wanted people to have the chance to stay in the comfort of their own home, rather than feeling they needed to go into residential care. They noticed a gap in the market for home care that had a sterling reputation, and which produced bespoke and tailored packages for individuals and their families.

The Allans wanted to offer care packages that were more about about the practical details of care, but which also integrated the more personable side of caring; they wanted to treat customers how they would treat their own parents or grandparents. That all comes down to the simplest of things, like making sure a customer sees the same friendly, smiling faces, day in and day out. Consistency and reliability are key.

Bluebird Care believes that the quality of their Carers is key to the quality of the care they provide.
The Bluebird Carers constantly strive to go above and beyond in their responsibilities for the customers. Small gestures like taking their Customers cake on their birthdays, or flowers during a sad time, are a common occurrence. Bluebird Care are very proud of the reputation their Carers have, and they ensure their Carers are well supported, appreciated and nurtured in their role. It is a role that can be hard work, but one which is incredibly rewarding.

Bluebird Care focuses on the Plymouth and South Hams areas - including Kingsbridge - which is led by the truly charming Locality Manager Linda Coggins.


What services does Bluebird Care provide and who for?

In terms of care packages, Bluebird Care can provide a wide variety of tasks when it comes to personal care: from helping you start the day by getting you washed and dressed, to supporting you with your medication needs. If a customer needs help with chores, Bluebird Carers will do the food shop, cook meals, and ensure the house is neat and tidy.

Sometimes it’s nice just to sit and have a chat over a cup of tea, Bluebird Carers can come for a companion visit too. In addition to this, Bluebird Care knows how important it is to encourage and support their customers independence, so Customers often ask for help with social activities, like attending a day care centre, visiting friends or going to church.


What make Bluebird Care unique?

Bluebird care believes that if their staff are happy, their customers are happy. This is why they have a strong focus on supporting and encouraging their Carers, in a role that can sometimes be challenging.

Bluebird are passionate about working alongside customers and their family to tailor their services in order to help their customers stay in control of their own care for as long as they are able to. Delivering the very best home care is their mission, and they strive to achieve this every day by looking for ways to improve their services and their standards




Outstanding home care service from Plymouth to Torquay
Outstanding home care service from Plymouth to Torquay

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