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“It’s like having good friends look after your house”, is one of the comments that Elliot Stevens and his partner Caroline has had about their company South Hams Elite Property Services - SHEPS. 

Elliot explained that SHEPS is a co-host for AirB&B, Vrbo and, making sure there is someone on the ground in the South Hams to look after your property, complete the changeovers and manage your property and lettings completely hassle-free.  

Having SHEPS look after your property when you’re not around, means you get a local, emergency contact who is on call 24/7 in case anything goes wrong. You can also be secure in the fact that you won’t have to deal with any auxiliary services such as cleaners or laundry, just sit back and relax knowing it is in safe hands. 

One of the things that really sets Elliot and Caroline and the SHEPS team apart are that they have no desire to be a massive company looking after hundreds of properties. We want to be able to balance work and life and enjoy our family and life whilst always maintaining their immaculate presentation and high standards consistently, This means we want to perform exceptionally well for a small group of clients that we like working for, that we enjoy looking after and where we can focus on those personal touches. 

Elliot, Caroline and their team are proud of their detail-focus and say nothing is too small, which brings in the five star reviews to South Hams Elite Property Services and Airbnb from guests after their stay. They can also do as much or as little as you would like them to. SHEPS can deal with the lettings, guest communications and you can leave everything to them, or they can act as just co-hosts and manage the changeovers as well as acting as keyholders to be there in an emergency or to check up on the property after strong winds or adverse weather, giving their owners peace of mind that their property is in safe hands. 

Another sure fire way to know that you are dealing with a company you can trust is that knowledge that when houses change hands, SHEPS stay with them, so the owners are confident enough to pass on Elliot and Caroline to the people who are taking over their house as happened last year. 

Elliot explained his ethos about his business. He said “South Hams Elite Property Services charge about 10 to 14%, while other big property management companies take about 22% (+ VAT)  - we are not trying to build a massive business, we don’t want to be that big, so that we ensure our standards remain extremely high within a tight portfolio of properties. . 

Caroline added “I enjoy that people think it is like having a family friend look after their house, where owners can send items direct to me to drop off and that the houses are really personal to us, especially making them perfect for visiting guests, ensuring they get that WOW factor as they walk through the door. 

Elliot, along with his partner Caroline, who also runs the successful Salcombe Elite Babysitting services are born and bred in the South Hams, are well embedded in the local area so they take full advantage of all it has to offer, coaching at Kingsbridge Rugby Club or getting out on the water kayaking

If you think Elliot and Caroline and their team at South Hams Elite Property Services - SHEPS can provide a service that is right for you, check out their listing on, their website at or call them on 07484 778077 or 01548 854633.

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