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A visit to SouthHams.com member, Kingsbridge Pet and Garden Supplies on Mill Street, makes for good entertainment. For a start, you will most likely pass a long-haired tortoiseshell cat on the way in. Richard the proprietor says she's a regular daytime visitor in hope of snagging a few treats, but she's well tolerated by the resident Collie.

Then you will probably witness a steady procession of regular customers on both two legs and four. Whatever your pet’s needs, you can be sure of good advice, a helping hand and a snack for your furry friend! ...

Unusual requests are plentiful and Richard enjoys the challenge. Want wild bird-friendly peanut butter and a holder to put it in, Richard has got it. Chinchilla dust, frozen mice for pet snakes, flushable cat litter (hurrah)? No problem. 

Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, goldfish – as a nation of animal lovers, we Brits dote on them all, and keeping them well fed is a top priority. ‘We stock both mainstream and specialist pet food, mixers and treats including frozen, and what we haven’t got in stock, we can usually order in for you on short notice – just give us a try,’ says Richard.

Once your mutt or moggy has had a munch, they’ll want to be amused. ‘Come in and take a look at our range of pet accessories. We’ve got a wide selection of collars and leads, bones, squeaky balls and other toys to keep them active,’ Richard adds.

Later, after a long walk or a good workout with a catnip mouse, it will be time for a snooze. Pop along to Kingsbridge Pet and Garden Supplies and you’ll find beds, baskets and mats in a variety of colours and sizes for a comfortable afternoon nap and a good night’s sleep.

For more information on their full range of products, visit Kingsbridge Pet and Garden Supplies, their contact number is 01548 857174.

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Hidden Gem!
This is a fab pet shop on Mill Street and where I buy my dog food from but also plants for my aquarium and bird seed for my garden. They stock all your pet's needs and if not, can probably get it for you. Friendly, family business which I would highly recommend.
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