Will it be gloves on or off on the 29th?

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Buckland Tout Saints Hotel Devon - Wedding Venue South Hams

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2016 is a leap year, which means that February has an extra day. Why leap years were adopted for ladies to get the drop on the guys to pop the question remains a mystery. However, back in 13th century Scotland, a law was passed to give women a chance to speed up the courtship process by proposing to suitors who were slow off the mark.

In the event that your chap turned you down, there was always an upside. According to ancient lore he would have had to pay a fine, buy you a silk gown or – wait for it – give you 12 pairs of gloves! Apparently, this was to ensure that the finger minus a ring was concealed at all times to spare embarrassment.

If you’re planning a surprise for your man, you might want to optimise your chances of success by choosing a great venue. The stylish and romantic Buckland-Tout-Saints Hotel at Goveton near Kingsbridge, with over four acres of secluded grounds and private dining options, might be just the place. If it’s good news, Buckland could also provide the perfect location for your wedding! Contact them on 01548 853055 for further details.

Or, if Mr Right is a bit of an action man, an activity day might go down a treat. Check out the Activities page on SouthHams.com for inspiration and ideas. From sailing and kayaking to motor biking and golf, there's bound to be something to suit.

Hopefully all will go according to plan but, wedding bells or not, with plenty of wintery weather still to come, those 12 pairs of gloves might yet come in handy!

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