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South Hams Local News - Tagged by: Health and Fitness

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New gym opens in Dartmouth and is breaking moulds
Members' News SA Sam Acourt August 19, 2023 614

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A new gym has opened in Dartmouth, and it is breaking moulds with its technology and opening hours. 
Are you struggling with weight gain as you approach menopause and beyond?
Members' News RR Rachel Roberts Updated August 15, 2022 362

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The transition into menopause can be a turbulent one as if it wasn’t enough to be contending with other symptoms, stubborn weight gain is a source of sheer frustration...
South Hams residents encouraged to complete a 'Midweek Mile' for National Fitness Day
General News SA Sam Acourt September 21, 2021 645
Fusion Lifestyle and South Hams District Council will be celebrating National Fitness Day this month and are encouraging the local community to clock up a ‘Midweek Mile’. ...
3 results - showing 1 - 3