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Ex-police officer and passionate volunteer Steve Mullen has died

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Ex-police officer and passionate volunteer Steve Mullen has died

Ex-police officer and passionate volunteer Steve Mullen has died following a battle with cancer. 

Steve Mullen will be recognised by many people across the South Hams, as he has been a mainstay of many organisations for many years. 

Steve died yesterday at St Luke's Hospice, Plymouth, surrounded by his family. A message from his family said: "We would like to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who supported him.

"Steve left the following message for you all - 'To my family and friends. When you read this it means I have lost my battle. Every one of you are friends because our lives have crossed through work or friendship. Please remember the good times we have shared and the laughs we had. With love forever, Steve'."

Steve Mullen - credit Kingsbridge Police  

He served with Devon and Cornwall Police and retired as the Neighbourhood Beat Manager in Salcombe. 

He has also been very active with the Kingsbridge Estuary Rotary Club with their HeartStart project especially, training people how to perform CPR and use defibrillators. 

He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Oesphaegal cancer in February 2022, which had spread to his liver, and even during his "short but fantastically brave battle" with the disease he had his mind on others, raising more than £2,500 for Cancer Research UK by jogging 31 miles in a month, just last August.  

A spokesperson for Kingsbridge Police posted on social media to express their "deepest sadness" that Steve had passed away yesterday, 10 January. They wrote: "He served the Kingsbridge community for many years and was loved and respected throughout the area; particularly in Salcombe where he was the Neighbourhood Beat Manager before he retired.

"Steve was passionate about teaching CPR throughout the community with the Kingsbridge Estuary Rotary Club and we have no doubt that his actions have saved lives. The world has lost a true gentleman.

"Our thoughts go to his wife, Morwenna, and his two children Josh and Olivia."

Kingsbridge Food Bank, another organisation Steve selflessly gave up his time for, also posted a tribute to him, saying: "We had the pleasure of sharing this beautiful man with his family since June 2020.

"Since then he'd been a regular visitor, delivering food parcels, to a number of households around these parts - taking very little time off until these past few weeks.

"He wasn't a roughty-toughty, retired Police officer. He was the kindest, most caring, vulnerable, gentle soul you would ever meet. Now, Steve, you can rest, pain-free and watch over those you love (from up there), whilst we remember you fondly, for the good times - never the sad ones and give Morwenna, Josh and Livvy any support, we can."



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