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Dog found next to deceased owner is helped with new mental health provision at Woodside Animal Sanctuary
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated September 29, 2021 404

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A nervous Springer Spaniel, who survived for days alone with his deceased owner, is among the heart-breaking cases being helped by a new mental health scheme at a South...
Social prescribing project pauses as it hopes for funding to continue its work
General News SA Sam Acourt August 05, 2021 220
Not-for-profit organisation South Hams Area Wellbeing has had to pause its operations while it waits to see if it can secure long-term funding to continue its work. ...
Digby the dog saves a woman's life
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated June 15, 2021 415

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Digby the dog has helped to save a woman who was considering taking her own life. 
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