Are you getting the best from your Property Management Company?

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Are you getting the best from your Property Management Company?

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Maybe after the unusual year that was 2020 you’re in the market for a new property management company, one that offers that little bit more. Now is the perfect time to explore your options!

Brooke Foy-Price is the owner and manager of Chameleon Services; a property management and cleaning company based in Halwell, right in the centre of the South Hams. Chameleon Services cover from Dartmouth to Salcombe and everywhere in-between and there’s not much they don’t do. It was great to get the chance to sit down with Brooke (sitting still isn’t something Brooke tends to do very often!) and get to know a little more about the ever expanding company. If you own a holiday property in the South Hams and are looking for a first class company to manage it then read on…

How did Chameleon Services come about?

I started as a one woman band and I was cleaning frantically myself for about six months. I then approached an agency and went into holiday home cleaning. I was cleaning eight hours a day five days a week. There was simply too much work though and not enough hours in a day. I was exhausted. I advertised for help and a girl called Kim applied who is still with the company today. Originally it started as a pocket-money type job and I never planned it to be the large company that it is today. It just naturally progressed with the help of my partner Paul who has a military background and is very business minded. He’s helped me grow the company from a one man band to a 25 strong team within the space of four years!

What services do you offer?

We are primarily a property management company that offer cleaning, laundry, window cleaning, gardening, interior and exterior painting and decorating and almost anything else you can think of to do with caring for a property. We work mainly with holiday home owners but we also work with residential clients and even some assisted living clients.

Tell us about the team

We have 25 members of staff. My partner Paul manages the property management side of the business. We then have two supervisors. One who supervises the Salcombe to Halwell area and the other who supervises the Halwell to Dartmouth Area. I’ve got a fantastic team who are brilliant at what they do. I have to know that they will look after the properties just as well as I would - it’s so important!

What surprises your clients about Chameleon Services?

I’d say they’re generally surprised that we offer the whole package. We can take away all the stress of owning a holiday home in the South Hams. We don’t just clean. We can manage the property, call in the contractors when work needs doing, arrange the contractors, do the laundry, the gardening - everything.

What are you looking forward to in the next twelve months?

We’re all looking forward to moving premises next June. We’re staying at Halwell Business Park but we’re going into a bigger unit which will allow us to get even more commercial washing machines. We offer a free collection and delivery service of laundry within a 15 mile radius of Halwell. We can do regular or ad-hoc cleans, duvets of any size, bedding towels, the works. It’s will be nice to have everything under one roof!

If you’d like a chat with Brooke about the services they offer or to make a booking then visit Chameleon Services’ listing on for their full contact details.

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