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Group started to try to save Lock's Hill from development
General News SA Sam Acourt March 31, 2021 2442
Save Locks Hill, Kingsbridge.
Dan's correct in all he knows and states about this precious wild green space, ancient in origin.
We maybe a Market Town and need customers for our high St...but, we need to preserve our old green spaces for our mental welfare! Look at Covid, and where we can walk locally!!
Plus, our local Schools are getting overcrowded, as will our local Surgery ( we already have very few G.P.s to look after too many Patients) plus other necessities like Dentists and Complementary health services.
Surely these are important considerations with over development?
If this plot and building was for young people to get onto the property market, and solely for affordable housing, then a more accessable plot elsewhere should be sought.
But, here lies the truth of our proposed building sites. The developers end up only having to build VERY FEW affordable houses. In the regulations!
This cut through is a dog walkers need from the Highfields, Waterpark Estate...already concrete congestion!
We are, if anyone has noticed in a Climate Change CRISIS...and yet...we propose even more building over precious fields and land! ***
We need to PRESERVE NATURE .....EVEN MORE....NOT DESTROY.....just so that Developer can march their greedy fingers to CAPITALIZE at our, the communities expense.
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